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Go the extra mile - to make more effort than is expected of you, to try harder to get the task done correctly, to do more than is required to reach a goal.

well, does not sound like an awful lot of fun ... but

Going the extra mile

is how surprisingly many small and medium sized companies from Germany have become world market leaders in their niches and often successfully defend their positions over long periods of time.


It’s why the famous quality label ‘Made in Germany’ spread around the globe and is even in today’s connected age still respected in many places.

And going the extra mile also is what makes service providers from other parts of the world themselves succeed in German speaking countries.

German Highway Autobahn

efficient, reliable, committed

If you consider Germany a possible destination you have probably heard about the quality obsessed, on-time delivery focused, 100% reliable German manager who will at any point have the next 8 business quarters planned in advance and does not have the slightest sense of humor?


Well, that’s all true ;-) and there is no shortcut to sustainable business success in Germany I’m afraid - but the same people will also be long-term committed, fair and true to their word when they notice that you are yourself prepared to go the extra mile whatever you do.

Approaching Germany

Extramile-Germany is not a cure-it-all consulting service - rather a reference to small businesses not to forget vital cultural differences when defining their Go-to-Market strategy for Germany.


It is not a sales channel either but it presents some valuable advice which may well be a real edge on your journey getting into this market. You may even catch a glimpse of humor occasionally once you start looking closer. Promised.

Right in the heart of Europe - Germany
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