Hello... anybody?

Why do the directors, owners or other decision-makers of German SME - despite of everybody’s good intentions - often not seem to attend (even very decent) networking events?


How do I find a suitable business partner in Germany anyway?


How do I convince a German contact to enter into business relations with my company?

Wanted: A solid connection!

If you have asked yourself these questions you are in good company of other service providers interested in the German market I have had the chance to talk to.


There are obviously no simple, magic formula type answers - but a lot of the responses I could think of revolve around the particular way German Mittelstand companies operate, their work ethics and the business culture in Germany in general.


If you could not come up with really satisfactory answers to such questions yourself - I believe it is - because a true understanding of your future partner’s motivation and culture are more essential than business people sometimes like to think. And it does not happen overnight.


That is exactly what I am trying to address in my Extramile-Germany blog, however. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


If you are interested in doing business in Germany AND scratch beneath the surface - feel free to get in touch with me.

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